YouTube Post Publishing


Publish videos to connected YouTube pages through the platform.

Create and publish posts to YouTube through the Social Suite.

YouTube page URLs must be loaded (format = and connected to the platform to enable posting.

To create a YouTube post:

  1. Initiate post creation from one of the following areas:
    • Click the left nav bar (+) Create New button and choose Social Post.
    • On the content tab in the Library.
    • Click on any day of the Calendar.
    • Click into a Campaign.
  2. In the Create Post page, select YouTube as the source under Publish to.

    YouTube cannot be selected with other social sources.

  3. Select the location(s) to associate with the post.
  4. Enter a title and description for the video.

    Title and description are required by YouTube.

  5. Upload the video file.

    Click Media Limitations to view file requirements.

  6. Answer additional questions specific to YouTube.
    • Is this video for kids? (Yes/No)
    • Allow embedding (Yes/No)
    • Publish to subscriptions feed and notify subscribers (Yes/No)
  7. Publish or schedule the post as desired.

Learn more about creating social posts.

To enable the Social Suite, reach out to your CSM or Support for assistance. Once enabled, only users who have proper role permissions can create social posts.