Welcome, Velocity Users!

Use the Reputation.com Platform to Manage your Web Presence and More

About Your Velocity Migration


We are excited to transition our Velocity functionality into the Reputation.com platform! The Reputation.com platform will continue helping you manage your local presence on websites and directories.


In addition to having even more capabilities within your listings management—such as duplicate suppression and publisher suggestions—you can manage the entire span of consumer engagement with additional solutions, such as online review management, social media and surveys, and operational insights.

Within the Listings tab of the platform, use these three areas to manage your information:


Make changes to the information that is visible on a rooftop's or person's Google My Business listing or page on your website---such as address, phone number, hours.

Helpful Articles:

Editing Profiles
Business Listings Template

Make changes to Pages content on your website---such as videos, content blocks, images, and more.

Helpful Articles:

Group Pages

Make changes to your company's locator page---such as style, radius, and more.

Helpful Articles:


Visit the Help Center for More Training Options.

More Articles for Listings:

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Auditing Listing Accuracy
Auditing Listing Details
Editing Profiles
Using Publisher Suggestions
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Managing Google Q&A
Rich Content
Publishing GMB Posts
Business Listings Template

Get Certified in Listings:

1. Click the ? in the upper, right corner of the platform to open the Help Center.

2. Within the Help Center, click the link to open certification courses:

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