User-Level Notifications for Social

API and Admin, Social

Configure your own notifications for social posts and comments.

Social users can configure their own notification settings for social posts (on your own feeds) or social comments (on your own feeds).

To configure a social notification:

  1. From the top, right corner of the platform, click Settings .
  2. From the My Account tab, click Notifications Beta.
  3. Click Add Notification.
  4. From the Event drop-down, choose the type of event that will trigger the alert (New Social Post or New Social Post Comment), and then click Next.
  5. Modify the following settings:
    • Rule Name – Set a name for the notification to help you identify it in your list.
    • Channel – Email is selected by default. Other channels are not yet available.
    • Frequency – The frequency with which to receive the alert: Immediate, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Immediate sends emails each time the alert process finds one or more reviews that meet the conditions. All other options send a digest email according to the selection. <--Immediate is the only option available at the time of this release.
    • Subject – Choose the subject line of the email when it arrives in your inbox. Inserting variables allows you to identify the source, location, or other information about the ticket to help manage/group multiple alerts arriving in your inbox.
    • Alert For – Receive alerts for all locations (click All), or select individual locations. If you have more than one Alert For filter option, your account has custom filters, which allows you to choose custom segments to associate with the alert.

      If authorized locations are already specified in your user profile, do NOT specify them again in the alert settings. The user profile level automatically cascades location settings to all related alerts, which prevents you from having to modify individual alert properties. If you do modify location settings within an alert, changes at the user profile level no longer apply to the selected alert.

    • Sources – Receive alerts for all social live stream sources associated with your account (click All), or select individual sources.
    • Keyword – Limit alerts for only posts or comments (depending on notification type) that contain one or more keywords.
  6. Click Save.

The alert becomes active and will notify you via email when the selected conditions are triggered.