Use Survey Metadata in Automation Rules


Use metadata as criteria in Automations to set up a wide variety of Actions workflows.

Survey results can be embedded with information (metadata) that the survey taker does not need to fill in manually. For example, the sales agent’s name who sold a car to a customer. Such embedded information is valuable in determining how to triage a survey result, create a ticket, and route it to the correct team in the Actions solution.

To configure automation rules:

  1. From the top right corner of the platform, click Settings .
  2. From the left navigation, click Automation.
  3. Click Create Rule.
  4. From the Trigger menu, select Survey.
  5. From the Survey template menu, select the desired survey.
  6. Give your rule a name.
  7. Define your automation rule, which consists of criteria and follow up actions.
    • Criteria: See a list of the metadata available in the selected survey and specify the desired metadata as criteria in the rule alongside existing criteria such as Survey questions and answers.
    • Action: Create Ticket, Follow Up Request, Auto Respond.
  8. Click Save.

Edit, Delete, Save as New, or toggle automation rules on/off from the Automation page.