Use Place ID in Profiles


Make edits to Place ID within a profile.

With the addition of supporting Place ID within profiles, we’ve now made it easier to make edits. Follow the below steps to manage office information using Place ID, which allows you to connect physician profiles to a particular rooftop profile of a facility. That way, if any information from the rooftop location changes–such as address or hours of operation–the changes will cascade to each physician profile that is connected to that Place ID.

  • If you delete a Place ID, all previous information is preserved.
  • If you add a Place ID, the platform does not override existing office details if there is data in the fields. You can click Reset to sync field values to Place ID values.

To use Place ID:

  1. From the Directories > Profiles tab, click to edit a profile.
  2. In the Place ID box, start typing the name of the facility where the physician/professional works at. Any matching facilities that are set up as a facility under the tenant will appear as an option to select in a drop-down list.
  3. If you have not entered any Office fields yet, then the data from the selected Place ID (parent facility) will be copied to this profile. A lock icon next to each field under the Office section indicates that the field value matches the parent.
  4. If you have already entered information under the Office section, the data from the selected Place ID will NOT overwrite the existing data. An unlock icon appears next to each field to indicate that the field value does NOT match the parent.
  5. If you want to overwrite values from the current profile to match the parent, click the Reset link.