Tracking Phone Numbers Pushed via API


Automatically update listings with unique tracking phone numbers.

The platform can now automatically publish unique tracking phone numbers to Google, Facebook, Bing, and Foursquare through the API. Using different tracking numbers for different sites provides a better understanding of the origin of leads.

Having different phone numbers on different listings can hurt SEO. If you’d like to proceed, we recommend starting with a few locations to test the results.

To add unique tracking phone numbers:

  1. From the Listings tab, click Locations.
  2. Click into the desired location.
  3. Click View Profile Data.
  4. Under Offices, click Add Phone.
  5. Select the type from the drop down (Google Only, Facebook Only, Bing Only, or Foursquare Only).

    The option for “Tracked” is used with Pages and does not push to business listings.

  6. Enter the phone number.
  7. Click Submit.

You can also update tracking phone numbers in the Profiles tab under Directory.