Top Box in Cross Tabs Report

Reports, Surveys

Use Top Box calculation for a sentiment key metric.

Top box is a popular measurement for conveying survey scores to scales. For example, on a 5-point scale, the top-box answers the question, “What percentage of people are likely to rate me a 5?” (e.g., the top “box” of the options). The idea behind this practice is that you’re getting only those that have the strongest feelings toward a statement.

To use Top Box in a Cross Tabs report:

  1. From the Reports tab, expand the Surveys 3.0 category.
  2. Click Cross Tabs.
  3. Click Customize.
  4. Choose a survey with a sentiment scale question.

    You must have a survey with sentiment scale enabled in one or more of the question properties in order to view this option in the Cross Tabs report.

  5. Set the Key Metric to the sentiment scale question you want to use.
  6. Set the Type to Top Box or Top 2 Box.
  7. Click Preview.

  8. When satisfied with your changes, click Save As.