Valet Service for Customers
Industry Healthcare
Feedback Parking was the number one thing that detractors mentioned consistently in surveys and reviews. Management was hesitant to address due to expense and assumption that the trends in ride-share would eventually ameliorate the issue on its.
Action Management implemented a dedicated team to provide a clear diagnostic using text analytics and reporting. When confronted with the data, they decided to make the issue a corporate priority by appointing a general manager for this function. After implementing valet services, the overall reputation scores have risen across the board due to focus on an improved parking experience.
Dad’s Day Dash
Industry Retail – Shopping Center
Feedback Shopper sentiment on experience dropped significantly and consistently the day before Mother’s Day. In fact, it was the single worst day in terms of feedback on the highest traffic day! The retailer correlated this drop with panicked fathers who were unfamiliar with the shopping center.
Action The retailer staffed extra people on this day to hold signage, guide infrequent shoppers to a parking space, and welcome them to the center. This day is now known as “Dad’s Day Dash,” and the extra efforts have improved sentiment dramatically!
Valet Services for Patients
Industry Healthcare
Feedback Patients consistently provided negative feedback due to parking, regardless of sentiment toward their actual visit with their doctor. They found it difficult to not only find a parking space, but to also walk long distances to the front door, particularly when injured or ill.
Action Management crunched numbers and found that hiring a valet service was vastly more cost effective than the cost of poor patient experience across the board. Sentiment in parking increased immediately upon valet implementation.

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