Bathroom Experience Survey
Industry Retail – Shopping Center
Feedback A new shopping center was set to open soon. Bathrooms are expensive to run and build–and often complained about most.
Action Prior to building the new center, management launched a survey with specific intent to develop learnings about customer frustrations and expectations with regard to bathroom facilities. Based on results, management worked with a supplier who integrated a “wash + dry” faucet design. Not only do few customers complain about the bathrooms in the new center, but they also go out of their way to mention them in a positive sentiment.
Slide Too Hot
Industry Retail – Shopping Center
Feedback One of the children burned his backside on a slide that was too hot. The family reported the incident to the concierge, who captured the feedback into a ticket.
Action The management team investigated the play area and ultimately built shades to provide coverage from the sun and improve experience. When the project was finished, the management team invited the family back to the Shopping Center again. The family gave the Center a 5-star review and became a Promoter!
Facilities Inconsistent with Brand Values
Industry Auto – Sales
Feedback Although this brand takes pride in its “green” initiatives—in everything from their manufacturing to their restrooms—customers pointed out that the showroom coffee / water station was stocked Styrofoam cups and plastic bottles.
Action Management quickly switched to eco-friendly cups, installed water stations, and even provided all staff with Yeti reusable water bottles. If any employee on the sales floor is caught carrying a plastic water bottle, their peers give them a friendly “jab” to send them back to find their Yeti. They want to embody their values in everything they do, big and small.

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