Target a Post’s Audience


Target Facebook posts to specified audiences.

When creating posts for Facebook, choose to narrow the post’s audience to certain people.

The default audience targeting is all.

To target a Facebook post:

  1. Initiate post creation from one of the following areas:
    • Click the left nav bar (+) Create New button and choose Social Post.
    • On the content tab in the Library.
    • Click on any day of the Calendar.
    • Click into a Campaign.
  2. In the Create Post page, select Facebook under Publish to.
  3. Click Target your post.
  4. Select one or many targeting options: Interests, Age, Gender, Location, Language, Educational Status, Relationship Status. Click Save.
  5. Once satisfied with the post, click Publish Now or Publish Later.
  6. Click Submit to finish the post.

Click into the post on the Calendar tab to view audience targeting details.

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