Surveys Theme Builder


Apply advanced styling to your Surveys without any coding skills.

You can now easily align your survey’s look-and-feel with your branding guidelines without relying on CSS.

To use basic survey styling:

  1. From within the Surveys 3.0 tab, click to edit a survey (or create new).
  2. From the survey editor, click the Styling button.
  3. On the Basic tab, modify the settings as needed. Hover over the tool-tips to learn more about each setting. Changes in the preview window (right) appear instantly.
  4. Click Save when you’re satisfied with your changes.

Changes will not be reflected in the designer; however, they are available to see whenever you click Preview.

The ability to change font type is not supported through the Basic editor. You can still do so through custom CSS in the Advanced editor. Use caution whenever specifying font types to avoid longer load times or choosing fonts that aren’t not supported by all browser types.