Survey Quality Indicator

Reports, Surveys

Distinguish between high quality and suspect results.

Exclude suspect results from your decision-making process, and analyze those results separately. When you enable the quality indicator, survey results counted as suspect will not be incorporated when calculating scores such as NPS or rating.

To enable the quality indicator:

  1. Within the survey designer, click the Survey Settings button (gear icon).
  2. Set the Use High Quality Results option to On.
  3. Optionally customize the quality filters:
    • Completion Time – Mark as suspect if the completion time was below a threshold determined by the amount of text to read for each question.
    • Comment Length – Mark as suspect if the length of the overall comment question does not meet the specified length.
    • Straightlining – Mark as suspect if the survey taker provided the same response to a line of grid questions.
    • Skipped Questions – Mark as suspect if no responses were provided to any of the required questions.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Save again.

It might take up to 48 hours to process previously received survey results.

Survey Quality tags will appear within suspect survey details. You can manually remove the suspect flag if needed.

All reports containing NPS questions allow you to filter by High Quality and Suspect results.