Support for Facebook Recommendations


See Facebook Recommendations in the Reviews tab.

Facebook announced they will now leverage recommendations instead of star ratings to help guide the community on a business’ Facebook page. To ensure a consistent experience between what you see on your Facebook page and what you see in the platform, the Reviews tab shows a mix of Reviews and Recommendations.

How does the change affect my Facebook pages?

Facebook now displays a mix of star ratings (previously collected reviews) and recommendations on your Facebook business page under the Reviews section. also supports the mix of Reviews and Recommendations under the Reviews tab to ensure a consistent experience in our application.

What does “recommend” translate to in stars?

  • If a user “recommends” a business on Facebook, it equates to 5 stars.
  • A “not recommends” equates to 1 star.

What tags are available?

Tags are currently shown only for hospitality, but more will be added soon.

How are reviews affected that were submitted prior to this change?

Past reviews continue to show as star ratings, both in the platform and on Facebook. Some reviews may contain recommendations between the time Facebook made the change (June) and the time our platform supported recommendations (August).

How will recommendations affect average star rating?

Average star rating will not be affected significantly because over a period of several recommends/not-recommends, it starts to look like average rating.

How will recommendations affect Reputation Score?

We don’t see a major impact to Reputation Score because previous ratings are still being considered. Recommendations will add more 1-star or 5-star reviews.

Should I stop using Facebook to collect reviews and recommendations?

No! Continue using Facebook to collect customer feedback.