Summary Emails Configured in “My Notifications”

API and Admin, Reports

Summary emails are now available in the “My Notifications” tab.

Manage summary emails for your roles and/or users in “My Notifications.” Users have the option to opt-out on an individual basis.

Summary emails already configured are automatically migrated over to “My Notifications.” Users do not need to reconfigure their notifications.

To create a summary email:

  1. From the platform, click the Settings icon.
  2. Decide who should receive summary emails.
    • Individual users: Click Users. Click into a specific user. Click My Notifications.
    • All users under a role: Click Roles. Click into a specific role. Click Notifications.

      Bulk spreadsheet will no longer be available for creating/managing summary email notifications. Instead, manage by role.

  3. Click Add Notification.
  4. Select Summary Alert from the event dropdown.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Adjust notification settings:
    • Rule Name: Name your notification.
    • Channel: Choose the delivery channel.
    • Frequency: Select the delivery frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly).
    • Email Subject: Update the delivery email subject line if desired.
    • Email Custom Message: Add a custom message in the delivery email if desired.
    • Alert For: Select which locations to include in the summary. Choose State, City, Location, or a custom filter. Add or remove locations from the summary using the checkboxes.
    • Group By: Choose how to group the data (State, City, Location, or custom filters).
    • Include Peer Comparison: Check if you’d like to include a table containing statistics for each filter not selected in Group By.
    • If creating at the role level, check the box to copy this notification to all users with this role if desired.

  7. Click Save.

From the “My Notifications” tab, you can view notifications, toggle each on or off, edit, save as new, or delete notifications.