Social Suite Redesign!


Use the new Social Suite to more efficiently manage your social media content, conversations, and more.

We’ve redesigned our social suite (Social Beta). Visit the Social Overview article to watch tutorials.

During this beta period, we will be adding a lot of new features, so you can use either social interface. Any change you make in one area will be available in the other. Send us your feedback!

By October 1, 2018, all features from the old social interface will be in the new interface–plus hundreds more! At that time, we won’t support the old interface anymore but will keep it available to you until May 31, 2018.

Here are some of the new features:

Asset Library (General)
Add and manage multiple type of assets to use for content creation.
Asset Tagging, Metrics, and Lock
Add tags, titles, descriptions, recommendations or lock/unlock assets at will. Track how an asset is being used.
Monthly Calendar
Track and identify social posts for the month with a better visualization.
Weekly Calendar
Track and identify an entire week’s social posts and identify potential gaps in social media strategy.
Approval Flow
Quickly review all the posts pending for approval, approve, or reject them. Add a note when rejecting a post to let the creator knows why.
Post Details
Edit posts, delete, or analyze for more details. Play video or preview pictures.
Live Streams
Monitor social posts in different social media streams for better visibility. Like and reply to posts or comments.
Facebook Boosting
Turn successful social media posts into an advertisement, selecting an audience or targeting specific locations.
Post Metrics
Quickly analyzing all your social posts and take further actions for the successful ones with boosting.