Share Surveys on Social Media

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Share a link to positive surveys on Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Share a link to syndicated surveys through a social media post (Facebook, Twitter). The post includes a link to the My survey page for the selected location (, which showcases surveys that you want published online. You can edit the post content, add up to five images, and set to publish on your selected site(s) now or at a later time.

Avoid sharing surveys repetitively; you may find the most benefit of a survey share when it is reserved for a particularly special submission. Additionally,you find it beneficial to copy the text of the survey itself into the post. Otherwise, the audience of the post may not be able to determine to which survey you’re referring because the link that’s included is not a direct link to the individual survey itself.

Setup Notes:

  • The tenant must have “Syndication” enabled to use the My page.
  • Only surveys with a Terms of Service question included (and answered yes) are available to publish to the location’s My page.

    * does not provide Terms of Service language. Clients typically house language on their own websites (example) or include text within the question itself (e.g., “This survey is not anonymous. By submitting this survey, you agree that we can use your feedback to improve our service.”)

  • The location must have a connected social page for Facebook or Twitter.
  • Publish the survey prior to sharing a social post.

To share a survey through a social post:

  1. From the Surveys tab, click Results Feed.
  2. Locate the survey you want to publish. (Must have a TOS marked yes.)
  3. From the survey options (ellipses), click Publish Content.

The survey will be published to your My page.

You can find the URL for the page on the Location’s Syndication tab within Admin settings.

  1. From the survey options (ellipses), click Share.
  2. Choose the social site(s) that you want to post to (Facebook and/or Twitter).

    You must have credentials/connection set up.

  3. Modify the post copy as needed, and any other details of the post. When finished, click Review and Publish.
  4. On the Review and Publish screen, verify the post appears the way you want it to. When ready, click Publish Now.

The post appears on the social feed(s) selected.