Search Accelerator Switch – Location Level

API and Admin, Surveys

Choose to enable/disable the Search Accelerator prompt for survey takers (location level).

You can disable the Search Accelerator flow at the location-level for review requests at the end of surveys if review requesting is included in the survey. Disabling Search Accelerator presents the traditional “Thank You – Review Sites” page at the end of the survey, as opposed to prompting immediately for Google.

Disabling Search Accelerator limits the ability to attribute Google reviews.

Changing location-level settings requires platform provisioning permissions (not available through user roles). Contact Support to assist you with this request.

To disable Search Accelerator:

  1. From the top, right corner of the platform, click Settings .
  2. Within Locations tab, click to edit the location.
  3. Within the Custom Modules setting setting, clear the Search Accelerator box.