Scale Generated Custom Report PDFs


New custom report setting allows scaling for generated PDFs.

Customize PDF reports to prevent distortion and fit reports to a single page. The scale range is between 75%-100%. By default, PDF scale is set to 100%.

To scale a custom report PDF:

  1. From the platform, click Reports.
  2. Click Create New.

    You can also edit an existing custom report saved under Created By Me.

  3. Click Report Settings.
  4. Enter your scale percentage.
  5. Click Apply to view changes. Click Done when finished.
  6. Build your custom report.

    The report builder displays sample data. When you preview or save, live data is reflected in the report.

  7. Click Preview PDF to review your report. Reports open in a new browser tab.
  8. Click Save or Save and Schedule when satisfied.

    The report data loads, and the report is added to the Created By Me category.