Review Request Integration UI Advanced Scripts

API and Admin

Configure complex logic for review request integrations through Rep Connect.

When building file based review requesting integrations through Rep Connect, you can now enter custom scripts to apply complex logic to your integration.

To apply advanced scripts:

  1. From the platform, click Settings ().
  2. From the left panel, click Rep Connect.
  3. Edit an existing integration or create a new request integration.
  4. Navigate to the Mapping tab in the setup wizard.
  5. Click Settings () under the Transformations column for the desired Reputation Field row.
  6. Click Advanced and enter the custom script.
  7. Click Submit.

Continue through the setup wizard. Click Save and Enable on the Test Run tab to submit your integration or click Save as Draft at anytime to save your progress.

Learn more about configuring integrations through Rep Connect.

To enable Rep Connect, reach out to your CSM or Support for assistance. Once enabled, only users who have Advanced role permissions under Rep Connect can add advanced scripts.