Review Booster Configuration

Reviews, Surveys

Customize the Review Booster experience for your customers.

Customize the Review Booster survey experience, including:

  • Sources – Select the source(s) offered to customers to leave their review.

    Sources include Google, Tripadvisor, and DealerRater. New sources are added regularly.

  • Mapping – Map survey questions to review fields (Initial Rating and Initial Review).
  • Prompt – Customize the review request prompt wording.

To customize Review Booster:

  1. From the platform, click Surveys > All Surveys.
  2. Select your survey and click Edit from the ellipses menu.
  3. Click Review Booster.
  4. Check the Enable Review Booster box.
  5. Click Add Source Site and check the desired sources. Options include DealerRater, Google, and Trip Advisor.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click the Edit icon to map survey questions to review fields and customize review request prompts.
  8. Select the initial rating question, the initial review question, and enter custom prompt wording.

    Initial review question selection is not applicable to all sources.

  9. Click Save Review Booster Settings.