Retry Failed Social Posts


Retry failed social posts with one click.

If a social post fails, a Retry option will be available when the issue that caused the failure has been resolved. No need to rewrite content or re-upload images again!

If you have an approval flow in place, any post that has been retried will go through the approval flow again before posting.

To retry a failed post:

  1. Within the Social Suite, open the Calendar.
  2. Filter for Failed posts.
  3. Click the failed post you want to retry.
  4. Within the post properties, locate the source of the failure, and click Retry.
  5. Select a new date/time to republish the post. No other edits are available for the post.

If you do not see a retry button for failed locations or sources, that means another user already retried and published successfull the post for this location or source.