Reputation Score Recalibration

Operations, Score

Semi-annual evaluation of factors impacting the Reputation Score.

Twice a year, Reputation’s data science team evaluates the factors of Reputation Score as well as emerging factors within specific industries and recalibrates the calculation to ensure our scoring is as aligned with the market as possible. Although the recalibration shifts weighting for different review sources, the largest drivers of Reputation Score remain the same. Fewer than 1.2% of locations are expected to see their Reputation Score drop by more than 10 points. When score changes do occur as a result of a calibration, they tend to be gradual rather than sudden swings (except in rare circumstances).

This includes:

  • Source weight changes
  • Social Engagment Score to measure engagement on additional sites (Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn)

After release the recalibration will happen gradually over the following ~30 days.

  • Updates and enhancements are made to Reputation Score to drive innovation with how you are able to analyze your feedback data and draw meaningful insights.
  • Evolving with the latest market trends and varying measures of success allows companies to ensure they have as much information available to them to support their objectives.
  • Reputation Score source changes have always fluctuated with each semi-annual calibration in order to remain consistent with the latest market trends for different sources. The goal is to ensure the score is always calculating your reputation in relation to the online landscape.