Reputation Score Map with Benchmarks


Get a more complete picture of your reputation performance beyond star rating.

The dashboard map now uses Reputation Score by default. This metric gives you a more complete picture of your reputation performance beyond star rating. In addition, you can benchmark performance relative to your industry and specific competitors.

Hover over colored areas on the map to view reputation score for a region. Click a region to view a snapshot of individual locations. Click an individual location to open the Summary Dashboard.

Reputation Score

The average reputation score of all locations selected. Industry Average represents 1,000 businesses in your industry ( customers and non-customers). Best in Class represents the highest scores within that 1,000 business sample.

Leading and Trailing

The region with the average highest score and lowest score.

If you are coloring the map by Star Rating as opposed to Reputation Score, the Leading is the location with the highest (>= 3.5) and the location (<=3.4) with the lowest average rating. If no location qualifies for the selected filters (star rating of 3.4 or lower for the selected sources), a gray box appears.


Data is segmented into categories depending on the Color By filter (Reputation Score or Star Rating). No data indicates that no region in the selection is associated with your account or no reviews have been associated with that region.


The Benchmark drop-down allows you to colorize the map to see which regions fall above or below the Company Average, Industry Average, or Best in Class.

Additionally, if you have a Competitive Insights solution enabled, you can colorize the map to compare against a specific competitor or all competitors.