Reputation Manager Role-Based Permissions (Mobile)

Mobile, Requests

Apply role-based permissions to Reputation Manager mobile app users.

You can now allow frontline employees to use the Reputation Manager app in similar experience to the Reputation Live app by applying permissions.

Download/update the new version of Reputation Manager from the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores. Reputation Live app will still be supported for frontline employees who only need to send review requests.

To set Reputation Manager permissions:

  1. From the top, right corner of the platform, click Settings .
  2. From the left navigation, click Roles.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the role you want to modify (or add a new role for front line employees).
  4. Ensure the following permissions are checked:
    • Platform > DASHBOARDING > Dashboard
    • Platform > MANAGING > UI – Login
    • Requests > MANAGING > Requests – Add and Send SMS

  5. Clear all other permissions.
  6. Click Save.

When the user with this role logs into the Reputation Manager app, the user will no longer see the dashboard and will instead see the Request mobile page.