Push Notifications for Actions

Actions, API and Admin, Mobile

Manage your tickets on-the-go with immediate mobile push notifications.

Instead of or in addition to receiving email notifications, users can now receive immediate mobile push notifications for the following events:

  • New Ticket Created
  • Stage Changed
  • Queue Assigned
  • Tag Applied
  • Comment Added
  • Attachment Added/Removed

You must have the Reputation Manager mobile app installed and be logged in to receive push notifications.

To enable mobile push notifications:

  1. From the top, right corner of the platform, click Settings .
  2. In the My Account tab, choose My Notifications.
  3. Click Add Notification.
  4. Choose “Ticket Created or Updated” from the drop down menu, and click Next.
  5. Set your preferences, and click Save.

A push notification will appear whenever the condition(s) of the notification are triggered.