Profanity and Banned Words in Inbox Mobile

Inbox, Mobile

Ensure that messages between your business and customers are professional, pleasant and meet your quality standards.

Ensure that the customer-facing language being used in service recovery efforts does not include profanity or any other words deemed inappropriate in that context.

When a user types any such words in the response box when managing their Inbox on the Reputation Mobile App, the platform disables the ability to send that message and highlights the problematic word(s) until they’ve been removed from the response.

In Inbox on mobile, when a user types a response in a conversation that includes profanity or any banned keywords by the tenant then:

  1. The “send” button is disabled.
  2. All problematic words are highlighted.
  3. An alert message is shown to the user instructing them to remove the highlighted words from their message.

This feature is available on both iOS and Android.