Product Pitching

Learn to pitch Reputation products like our Subject Matter Experts!

What is Product Pitching?

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    Watch recordings of SME pitches.

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    Complete quizzes to test your knowledge.

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    Record and submit your own pitch!


Admin Training

The Admin track provides deeper mastery on all platform solutions and system administrative functions, such as user management.

Solution Library Courses

Access exclusive certification courses with hands-on exercises and best practices.


Expand Steps Below to Begin

To become a product pitching expert, review the SME resources for all 12 solutions. Submit the quiz at the bottom of each solution page to check your knowledge and determine if you’re ready to record your pitch for the corresponding product.

To get started:

  1. Navigate to the SME Program website.
  2. Click to expand a domain.
  3. Click into a solution.
  4. Watch the materials under the Topic Deck + Recording section.
  5. Watch the recordings under Example Pitches.

    Keep in mind, some pitches are older and may not include all current product functionality.

  6. Submit the quiz under Test your Knowledge.

Quiz submissions are graded and feedback is provided by CSM Enablement Team.

Do not start your pitch until quiz feedback is received!

After receiving your quiz feedback, it’s time to record your product pitch! You will be submitting one pitch for each of the 12 products listed on the SME Program website.

Pitch Instructions:

  1. Record your pitch in Zoom.
    • Keep pitches between 3-5 minutes long.
    • Ensure the story regarding product value is clear.
    • Highlight competitive advantages.
    • Cover critical product functionality.
    • Cover complimentary products (cross-sell/upsell opportunities)
  2. Upload pitches to the Pitch Presentations folder in the CSM Resources Google Drive.

Pitches are graded and feedback is provided by CSM Enablement Team.

Questions? Slack Lauren Reid.