Product Pitching

Learn to pitch Reputation products like our Subject Matter Experts!

What is Product Pitching?

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    Watch recordings of SME pitches.

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    Complete quizzes to test your knowledge.

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    Record and submit your own pitch!


Admin Training

The Admin track provides deeper mastery on all platform solutions and system administrative functions, such as user management.

Solution Library Courses

Access exclusive certification courses with hands-on exercises and best practices.


Expand Steps Below to Begin

To become a product pitching expert, review the SME resources for all 12 solutions. Submit the quiz at the bottom of each solution page to check your knowledge and determine if you’re ready to record your pitch for the corresponding product.

To get started:

  1. Navigate to the SME Program website.
  2. Click to expand a domain.
  3. Click into a solution.
  4. Watch the materials under the Topic Deck + Recording section.
  5. Watch the recordings under Example Pitches.

    Keep in mind, some pitches are older and may not include all current product functionality.

  6. Submit the quiz under Test your Knowledge.

Quiz submissions are graded and feedback is provided by CSM Enablement Team.

Do not start your pitch until quiz feedback is received!

After completion of the Product Quiz, you would have received your grade and feedback. Now, it’s time to record your product pitch! You will be submitting one pitch for each of the 12 products listed on the SME Program website.

Pitch Instructions:

  1. Your pitch should be recorded using Zoom.
    • Pitches should fall between 3-5 minutes.
    • All Pitches will follow the same structure outlined below.
    • You have the option of 1. Using Slides, or 2. Demoing Live in the Platform as you deliver the Product Pitch.
  2. Upload all pitches to the Pitch Presentations folder found in the CSM Resources Google Drive. Pitches will be graded and feedback is provided by the Enablement Team in addition to your manager.

Grading Criteria

Your Pitch will be graded based on including the following elements:

1. Call Objective

Example: Hi Jim, Thank you for meeting with me today. I’m looking forward to our conversation this afternoon to discuss [Company Name] business goals around driving new patient acquisition and retention.

2. Introduce Solution Value

Example: Reputation’s {INSERT SOLUTION NAME: Review Requesting] helps [Healthcare] companies like yours Improve SEO and conversion rate by driving higher star average and more positive sentiment. It’s also proven to improve future CAHPS scores by providing actionable insights from unstructured feedback, for real-time service recovery and quality improvement.

3. Highlight Solution Features

Example: Essentially how it works is after a patient has an experience with your brand, they receive a request for feedback in the form of an online review via SMS text or email. We recommend the SMS route for higher completion rates. That response is securely transferred through Reputation and can be used to improve review volume and ratings on sites like Google. The review requesting program is fully HIPAA compliant and review response teams are trained in HIPAA. They can be set up with automatic delivery after a completed visit for specific service lines, or for all providers, that is up to you.

4. Example

The reason I recommend this solution for {Company Name} is a similar client had also recognized that there was not enough reviews to drive new patient acquisition compared to their competition and they were leaving conversion revenue on the table. Their reviews did not reflect the care they knew they were providing and patients couldn’t find information on physicians (locations, reviews). They partnered with Reputation to implement review requesting and in four months, increased positive review volume 10X, boosted click-to-call rate nearly 200 percent and improved average star rating from 3.5 to 4.8.

Questions? Slack Lauren Reid.