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Sales Collateral

Share decks, case studies, and other collateral within a dedicated portal.

Demo Environment

Receive a personal platform login to use for demos and training.

Training Courses

Access exclusive certification courses with hands-on exercises and best practices.


Partner Path to Success:

Certification Courses

Partners have access to our entire course library. Achieve proficiency with all solutions using recorded videos, hands-on exercises, and quiz questions.

Admin: Platform Management
Go behind the scenes to understand administrative features for your account—from user management to notifications and more.
Reviews & Requests
This certification course provides training on enlisting customer advocates, and tracking and responding to reviews.
Business Listings
This certification course provides training on auditing and optimizing listings, so that you can start winning more customers.
Social Suite
This certification course provides training on managing all your social media activities, across all your locations.
This certification course provides training on collecting meaningful feedback to uncover new ways to improve service quality.
This certification course provides training on centralizing ticket management and automating workflows.
Insights & More
This certification course provides training on analyzing customer feedback at scale, using role-based dashboards, and managing Reputation Score.

Once your Partner representative gives you sandbox credentials, you can access all courses from within the platform.

1. Click the ? in the upper, right corner of the platform to open the Help Center.

2. Within the Help Center, click the link to open certification courses:



How can I showcase my certification?

You can obtain a Certification URL after passing the associated quiz to either print or share online:

To add your certification(s) to your LinkedIn profile (optional):

  1. From the upper, right corner of your LinkedIn profile, click the Add profile drop-down button.
  2. Click to add the Licenses & Certifications section.
  3. Scroll to that new section, and click Add (+).
  4. Enter the certification details.
    • Certification Name: Examples may include, Reviews & Requests, Surveys, Social, Listings, Actions, Insights & More, PowerUp: Platform Essentials, Admin: Platform Management
    • Certification Authority:
    • Certification URL: Paste the URL you received after completing your assessment.
  5. Click Save.

Your certifications are listed in the Accomplishments section:

To share a post on your LinkedIn news feed (optional):

  1. From your LinkedIn’s home page, click Start a post.
  2. In the post window, paste a link to your certificate, provided by your instructor (Classroom / Webinar course) or after completion of the quiz (Anytime Learning course).The image will automatically populate in your post preview. You can delete the link text from the post text once the image is found (see below).
  3. Add a custom message for your post that you’d like to share. If you’re participating in an optional drawing, ensure that:
    • The post is visible to Anyone
    • You include the recommended hashtag (no spaces)
    • You tag (Start typing the @ symbol to apply the tag).
  4. Click Post.

Client Onboarding and Support

Refer to the following tenant provisioning steps for agency self-setup. Not applicable to all partnerships.


Contact if you have questions.