Over-Survey Protection Per Request Template


Customize requesting strategies by setting over-survey protection for each template.

Over-survey protection allows you to choose how many days after the initial send your customers can receive another request email or text message from the platform. You can now set over-survey protection days at the template level, meaning customers can only receive that specific template once in however many days you indicate.


You are a healthcare system and want to send a customized survey to patients based on the department they visit. Many of your patients visit more than one department each month.

  • With over-survey protection set at 30 days across all requests (tenant level), patients will only receive one survey in a 30 day period, even if they visited more than one department.
  • With over-survey protection set at 30 days for each request (template level), patients will only receive the same request once in a 30 day period. They can still receive other requests for different departments in that 30 days.

Over-survey protection set at the template level will override over-survey protection set at the tenant level. If over-survey protection is blank in the template (it is an optional field), the platform defaults to the over-survey protection days set at the tenant level.

To enable over-survey protection per template:

  1. From the Requests tab, click Templates.
  2. Edit an existing template or Save as New to create a new template.
  3. Select the number of days for over-survey protection.
  4. Click Save.

Editing templates requires specific role permissions.