Display NPS scores on your website.

Increase visibility of your NPS scores by showing them directly on your website through widgets.

To create an NPS widget:

  1. Click Settings from the upper right corner of the platform.
  2. From the Admin panel, click Widgets.
  3. Click Add Widget.
  4. From the Type drop-down, choose Reputation NPS Score.
  5. Modify the widget settings.
    • Name – The name of the widget. (Name will not be visible to customers.)
    • Level – Access survey results from all locations (click Tenant), groups of locations based on filters, or click Location to select individual locations from which to pull survey results.

      Individual locations are useful if you are creating separate widgets for each location’s website. Contact Support if you need assistance creating widgets in bulk.

    • Survey Templates – Select the survey template from which to pull submissions.

      Multiple surveys cannot be combined to calculate NPS.

    • Question – Select the NPS question from the chosen survey to populate in your widget.
    • View – Defaulted to Compact.
    • Reputation Branding – Include “Powered by Reputation.” Toggle Yes or No.
    • Enable Tooltip – Include the tooltip icon customers can hover over to understand the importance of the score. Toggle Yes or No.
    • Width – The width in pixels of the widget or as a percentage.
    • Height – The height in pixels of the widget.
    • Background Color – Set the background color of the widget. Default is white.
    • Text Color – Set the font color for the text of the comments. Default is black.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Copy the code produced and follow the Widget Implementation Guide to add to your website.

    The Reputation NPS Score widget is an iFrame widget.

Learn more about creating survey widgets.