Non-Primary Listings Attributes Deprecated


Select attributes associated with your listing’s primary category only.

If your location has several categories selected in the platform, you can now only select attributes based on the category designated as primary.

  • The ability to select attributes for non-primary categories has been deprecated, as these non-primary category attributes are not accepted by Google.
  • Attributes previously selected from non-primary categories have been removed from the platform. This has no impact on Google listings as non-primary category attributes are not accepted by Google.

    If you change your primary category, any selection of attributes from your original primary category that do not apply to the new primary category will be deleted.

Changing the primary category for your locations will trigger additional options regarding your attributes. These choices looks different depending on the tool used for updating your categories:
Confirmation is required that some attributes might be unselected/deleted before the category will be updated.
Confirmation is required upon import to either preserve all attributes or delete irrelevant attributes. Preserving is the default, but could be rejected if the attributes do not apply to the new category.Check the Optimize Attributes box to delete irrelevant attributes.

To manage attributes:

  1. From the Profile page, use the Location filter, or start typing the name of the profile you want to edit in the search field.
  2. From the list of results, click the Edit icon.
  3. From the left menu, click Attributes.
  4. Check and/or uncheck your desired attributes. Click Apply when done.
  5. Click Submit to publish changes.

Updating attributes is not currently supported by the bulk importer tool.