New Actions Widgets for Custom Dashboards

Actions, Reports

Include five new Actions charts in your custom dashboards.

You now have additional widget options to include in your custom dashboards for tracking Actions metrics. New widgets include:

  • Average Response Time
  • Responded Tickets Count
  • Closed Tickets Count
  • Average Age (in hours)
  • Average Time to Close

To build a custom dashboard including Actions metrics:

  1. From the platform, click Dashboards.
  2. Expand the Dashboards panel.
  3. Click Add> (plus icon) to create a new dashboard.
  4. Click Actions, and drag-and-drop the widgets into your dashboard.
  5. Click Customize on each widget. Select the Queues and Ticket Types to include.
  6. Click Apply , and then Done.
  7. When satisfied with your dashboard, click Save.

The Actions widgets are available for Custom Dashboards and Custom Reports.