Multi-Tenant User Provisioning via SSO

API and Admin

Single sign-on supports auto-provisioning of users who belong to more than one tenant.

When logging in to through single sign-on (SSO) for the first time, the platform now automatically scans all users across all tenants looking for the same email address. If one or more users are located that have the same email address, the platform sends an email to that address asking the user to confirm all associated tenants.

Once confirmed, a user account is automatically created and users with access to multiple tenants can easily switch between tenants without logging in and out of their various user profiles.

To enable tenant switching, reach out to your CSM or Support. Tenant switching needs to be enabled on all tenants you plan to switch between.

Once enabled, click the Switch button in the upper right corner of the platform for a drop down list of tenants you can switch between with one click.