More Hours Formats Accepted


Listings importer accepts more formats for hours.

The Business Listings importer now accepts multiple formats for hours. Previously, only military format was accepted.

When downloading your source of truth, hours will be exported in military time regardless of what format was imported.

Accepted formats:

  • “09:00-17:00”
  • “9:00-17:00”
  • “9AM-5PM” (not case sensitive – AM and PM can be lower case)
  • “09AM-05PM”
  • “09:00AM-05:00PM”

Accepted formats for open 24 hours:

  • “00:00-00:00”
  • “24hr” (not case sensitive – hr can be upper case)

Accepted formats for closed all day:

  • Empty cell
  • “Closed” (not case sensitive)
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