Manage access to reports, dashboards, and review and survey templates from a single page.

Item Permissions allows you to choose which items you want to hide or share with specific users or roles within your tenant. Declutter platforms and cut down on confusion by only allowing users to see what is essential to their role.

Item Permissions was formerly known as Template Permissions.

Consolidated Under Item Permissions

  1. Active/Inactive status on request templates.
    • Users will no longer be able to manage the status of request templates using the Active/Inactive toggle on the status of request templates.
    • In Item Permissions, set the global permission for a request template to None to restrict usage of templates that are no longer needed.
    • Override the global permission at an individual user/role level to View permission to view the template history.
    • Users/roles can only view the review request history of requests sent from templates they have View or Edit permissions for. Users/roles with template permission set to None cannot see request history tied to that template.
  2. Report Permissions page formerly in admin settings.
    • Set permissions for individual reports by user or role using Item Permissions, the same way they were set in Report Permissions.
Learn more about enabling Item Permissions for your users and setting permissions across your organization.