Manage Collection Status in “My Notifications”

API and Admin

Configure in platform notifications when collection statuses change per source.

Stay informed by getting notified in the platform when sources are paused or restored.

To create a data collection status notification:

  1. From the platform, click the Settings icon.
  2. Decide who should receive notifications.
    • Individual users: Click Users. Click into a specific user. Click My Notifications.
    • All users under a role: Click Roles. Click into a specific role. Click Notifications.
  3. Click Add Notification.
  4. Select Data Collection Status from the event dropdown.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Adjust notification settings:
    • Rule Name: Name your notification.
    • Channel: Choose the delivery channel. “Platform Notification Tray” is the only option at this time.
    • Frequency: Defaulted to Immediate. Not able to adjust at this time.
    • Collection Status: Select which statuses to be alerted about. Options include All, Restored, or Paused.
    • If creating at the role level, check the box to copy this notification to all users with this role if desired.

  7. Click Save.

From the “My Notifications” tab, you can view notifications, toggle each on or off, edit, save as new, or delete notifications.