Listings Profile Importer


Confidently update your data in bulk with improved import and export functionality.

The platform’s improved import and export tool allows you to take data maintenance into your own hands! Manage bulk changes through the platform, with failsafes in place to ensure an error-free experience.

With improved download functionality, you can:

  • Download filtered locations
  • Review number of locations downloaded
  • View fewer columns in source of truth
  • Download only selected columns
  • Download custom filters

With improved import functionality, you can:

  • Preview changes before saving
  • Review detailed validation and error management
  • Split profiles into New, Deleted, Changed and Unchanged
  • Track history of imports
  • Edit one field or column (file doesn’t need to include all fields)
  • Skip address normalization
  • Customize header names

To use the profile importer:

  1. From the Directory tab, click Profiles.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Select profiles to download and columns to include. The spreadsheet format defaults to .csv.
  4. Click Download.
  5. Open the .csv file and make your updates. Save the file.
  6. In the platform, click Import.
  7. Attach the saved .csv file and chose your Import Mapping.

    Previously customized column header mappings will show in the Import Mapping drop down.

  8. Configure column header mapping and check boxes for skipping page normalization and ignoring unmapped columns if desired. Click Import.
  9. Save new mapping, save changes to existing mapping, or don’t save to proceed.
  10. Review import details by tab.
    • If errors are found, fix the errors and upload again.
    • If no errors are found, click Next to review each tab. Click Commit when finished.
  11. Click Close.

The platform will automatically push out the edits to the supported listings sites/directories.