Listings Field Permissions


Set who can edit each field within your Source of Truth.

Limit the fields certain roles can edit within your Listings Source of Truth.

Role permissions for Profile Fields under LISTING MANAGEMENT are required to set field permissions.

To set field permissions:

  1. Click Settings from the upper right corner of the platform.
  2. From the Admin menu, click Listings.
  3. From the Profile Fields tab, click to edit permissions for the desired field.
  4. Adjust the Default Access.
    • Read and Write indicates by default, all roles can view and edit this field.
    • Read-Only indicates by default, all roles can only view data for this field.
  5. Expand the Exceptions dropdown. Any roles selected will overwrite the Default Access setting.
    For example, if my Accepting Patients field is set to Read-Only, any role I enter as an exception will have Read and Write access, while all other roles have Read-Only.
  6. Click Save.

Roles with Read and Write access can edit designated fields.

Roles with Read-Only see the data but cannot make changes when editing Profiles.