Listings Duplicate Management


Easily manage duplicate listings to maintain a consolidated online presence for your locations.

The Duplicate Manager helps you identify, evaluate, and resolve potential duplicate location listings. You decide if a listing is a duplicate or not. Once you confirm a potential duplicate, the change is permanent!

Duplicate management applies to Google listings only.

Please reach out to your CSM or Support to enable this feature.

To enable duplicate management for your users:

  1. From the top, right corner of the platform, click Settings .
  2. From the left navigation, click Roles.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the role you want to modify.
  4. Under the Directory > LISTING DUPLICATE > Listings, select the Add, Edit, and Approve/Reject Publish check boxes.
  5. Click Save.

Only users who have permission to edit or add roles can adjust Listing Duplicate settings.