Publish content to LinkedIn directly from the platform.

LinkedIn Publishing allows your social media manager to leverage shared assets across social channels to create a consistent brand identity.

To set up LinkedIn:

Brands typically have one LinkedIn page at the corporate level, but you can connect multiple LinkedIn Profiles to different location profiles in the platform (e.g., multi-brand accounts). You cannot, however, post to multiple LinkedIn profiles at the same time. Refer to LinkedIn best practices for more information.

  1. Ensure the LinkedIn source is enabled for your account.
  2. Within Admin settings, add your LinkedIn URL to one of your location’s pages.
  3. Ensure you have a connection set up using an admin for the page.

LinkedIn connections automatically expire within one year, per LinkedIn’s OAuth 2.0 authorization and API authentication policies. If LinkedIn is not a posting option, visit Connections/Credentials within platform admin to reconnect. You may need to delete the previous connection/credential.

To create a LinkedIn post:

LinkedIn is available for Publishing only at this time. Monitoring and Responding in Live Streams is not yet available.

LinkedIn publishing through the platform does not support video. Refer to LinkedIn best practices to learn how to best use this functionality natively.

  1. From the Social Home page or the Social Calendar, click + to create a post.
  2. Select the location for which the LinkedIn connection is established.
  3. Choose LinkedIn as the “Publish To” option.
  4. Compose your message using links and/or photos, and then choose your publishing preference.
  5. Click Submit.

The post appears on the LinkedIn page when published: