Inbox Conversation States


Conversation states automatically assigned for accurate reporting and filtering.

Inbox conversations can have one of an expanded list of states.

Updates include:

  • When a conversation is closed without a response, the conversation is automatically marked as “Won’t Respond” and will be excluded from response metrics.
  • Facebook conversations older than 7 days are automatically marked as “Expired” and filtered out of the default Inbox conversation list.
  • Conversations can be marked as: open, closed, responded, unresponded, won’t respond, or expired.

Won’t Respond: No Impact on Response Metrics

Facebook: Expired After 7 Days

Filter the Inbox conversation list by:

  • All Conversations – All conversations that are open/closed, assigned/unassigned, read/unread, expired/nonexpired.
  • Open – All non-closed, non-expired conversations. This is the default selection.
  • Unread – All non-closed, non-expired unread conversations.
  • Flagged – All non-closed, non-expired flagged conversations.
  • Responded – All non-closed, non-expired responded conversations.
  • Unresponded – All non-closed, non-expired unresponded conversations.
  • Expired – All non-closed, expired conversations.
  • Assigned To Me – All non-closed, non-expired conversations assigned to me or my roles.
  • Assigned – All non-closed, non-expired, assigned conversations, including those that are assigned me.
  • Unassigned – All non-closed, non-expired conversations that are not assigned.
  • Closed – All closed conversations.

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