Manage Google Q&A responses from within the platform.

Google Q&A is a consumer-facing, crowdsourced FAQ that allows consumers to ask and answer questions about the business. Business owners are also permitted to both ask and answer questions. These questions and their answers can show directly in the Google search results. Both questions and answers can be given a thumbs up vote, which influences both the order and where they might appear.

Through the platform, you can:

  • Customize notifications for Q&A, separate from reviews and surveys
  • View the questions asked across all of your locations’ Google My Business pages in one place
  • Respond to questions once your Google My Business pages are connected to the platform
  • Create tickets to track the life-cycle of answering questions
  • Build reports around Q&A by customizing Review charts for the Q&A source only

Learn more about using Q&A with the platform here.

Q&A is part of the Business Listings solution. can assist with managing Google Q&A responses on your behalf.