Google My Business Posts


Increase your social presence on the web with an additional posting channel, Google My Business (GMB). People who search for your business can easily see your latest news and specials.


  • Your user role must have appropriate PUBLISHING > Posts permissions applied in order to create and/or approve content for publishing.
  • Each location that has a Google connection set up is available to select for GMB posting from the Publishing widget; however, you can post to up to 9 locations at a time.
  • You must create GMB posts separately from other post content.
  • GMB posts support events. Events must be a minimum of one hour from the time of posting. An event will post will show for as long as the event is active.
  • GMB posts support Calls to Action (CTAs). You must specify a valid URL for a CTA button.
  • Posts do not directly affect rankings but can improve them indirectly by improving user interactions.
  • Implement UTM codes leveraging Google Analytics to track all Google Posts.