Google Healthcare Insurances


Manage healthcare insurances listed on Google at scale.

Insurance is the number one factor considered by consumers looking for a healthcare provider. Google populates insurance data in Google My Business panels by using data received from insurance networks.

Healthcare systems can now manage insurance data on Google in bulk through the platform to ensure accurate information for patients.

Insurance network information on Google listings has no impact on search rankings today, but affects consumers choice of health providers.

Getting Started

To begin managing healthcare insurances listed on Google, you can either:

  • Review the insurance networks Google lists and make changes as needed.
  • Update using your full list of accepted insurances.

To review insurances listed on Google:

  1. From the Listings tab, click Publisher Suggestions.
  2. Select Field: Insurance from the dropdown to filter results. This makes it easier to accept or reject suggestions in bulk.
  3. Accept publisher suggestions to push the data into your source of truth.

    As this insurance information is already listed live on Google, there is no risk in accepting all suggestions.

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Editing Insurance Networks

To edit the healthcare insurances listed on Google, you can update:

  • Individual listing profiles one by one.
  • Multiple listing profiles in bulk through the importer.
  • Multiple listing profiles in bulk through an API connection.

To add insurance networks to individual profiles:

  1. From the Listings tab, click Profiles.
  2. Click Edit on the selected location profile.
  3. Under the Medical section, navigate to Insurances Networks.
  4. Click Add Network.
  5. Select the payers and networks. Click Add Data.
  6. Click Submit when finished.

To add insurance networks in bulk via importer:

  1. From the Listings tab, click Profiles.
  2. Click Download and select Insurance Networks.
  3. Select profiles to download. The spreadsheet format defaults to CSV.
  4. Click Download.
  5. Open the CSV file and make changes to the profiles you want within a spreadsheet editor.

    It is recommended to accept insurance data in Publisher Suggestions prior to editing this spreadsheet as it’s easier to delete incorrect networks compared to starting from scratch.

  6. When finished with your changes, save the file in CSV format.
  7. In the platform, click Import and select Insurance Networks.
  8. Attach the file previously saved and click Import File.
  9. Review each tab in the import summary and click Commit.
  10. Changes are tagged as committed. Click Close.

Connect to the Reputation API. Reach out to Support for assistance.

Only users who have proper role permissions can edit and publish listings profiles.