Foursquare API deprecated for business listings.

Due to process consolidation after their recent merger with Factual, Foursquare is moving away from fulfilling business listings through its own API. Reputation will now provide listings data to Foursquare through a flat file delivered monthly, per Foursquare’s new requirements.

Due to this change in data delivery, the following changes are expected:

  • Removal of ability to suppress Foursquare duplicate listings in the Reputation platform.

    The platform will continue to display potential duplicates for awareness purposes.

  • Slower listings data updates on Foursquare.
  • Potential degradation of Foursquare listing audit data accuracy.

Keep in mind:

  • While this change will impact listings today, it will ultimately lead to greater reach and importance for your Foursquare data after the transition period.
  • Foursquare reviews will continue to be managed via API; this change only applies to business listings
  • Please reach out to your CSM or Support with any questions.