• Twitter DM Link

    Twitter DM Link

    Move Twitter conversation to a private message and include a button in your response to send a private message.
  • Pause Publishing of Social Posts

    Pause Publishing of Social Posts

    Pause all scheduled content during unprecedented times e.g. extraordinary circumstances such as a public relations crisis where all posts may be suspended until the crisis is resolved.
  • Mobile Notification Center

    Mobile Notification Center

    Adding a dedicated section on the mobile app where notifications will be stored for later retrieval.
  • Rep Connect – Integration Schedule Tab updates

    Rep Connect – Integration Schedule Tab updates

    Allows user to schedule integrations multiple times a day and increases the flexibility and frequency on integration run-times.
  • Updated email footer

    Updated email footer

    Updated Reputation company address in the footer section of all emails sent out from the platform. Emails sent to users in EU will include the UK company number and registered office address as per EU legal requirements.
  • Testimonial Post Suggestions

    Testimonial Post Suggestions

    Platform will automatically suggest reviews for users to share on their social sites. Reviews will be suggested based on recency and positive sentiment.