Facebook Publishing @Mentions

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Mention other Facebook pages in your Facebook posts.

Include @mentions in Facebook posts to increase post reach to the followers of the mentioned page.

To include an @mention:

  1. Initiate post creation from one of the following areas:
    • Click the left nav bar (+) Create New button and choose Social Post.
    • On the content tab in the Library.
    • Click on any day of the Calendar.
    • Click into a Campaign.
  2. In the Create Post page, select Facebook as the source under Publish to.
  3. Select the location(s) to associate with the post.
  4. In the Compose message box, type the text for the post. Click the @ icon or type @ to see a list of the mentionable Facebook pages.

  5. Select the page(s) to mention.
  6. Publish or schedule the post as desired.
Learn more about creating social posts.

To enable the Social Suite, reach out to your CSM or Support for assistance. Once enabled, only users who have proper role permissions can create social posts.