Employee Access to Training Center (Admins)

Certification must be tied to a user account (non super role). Reputation.com employees who already have platform admin access can use the Employee Training tenant for certification purposes.

To access the training center (employees with admin access):

  1. Log into the platform admin, and ensure you’re on the Admin tab.
  2. From platform admin, search for “Employee Training” (tenant 23564), and click it to open the tenant properties.
  3. From the Users tab, search for YOUR OWN NAME, and then click to impersonate the profile.
  4. Either click Let’s do this! to the initial shoutout, or click the from the upper, right corner of the platform.
  5. From the Help Center, click Certification.
  6. Click Start to launch a course.
  7. Inside each course, watch short videos, read best practices, and interact with the platform features using onscreen walk-thrus.
  8. After completing each certification course, you can obtain a Certification URL to print or showcase your new skills online, such as on your LinkedIn profile. Have fun and good luck!


Do you have to complete a course in one sitting?

Your progress is saved as you go. If you can’t finish in one sitting, you can come back to it later.

How do the quizzes work?

  • You must complete all course topics to unlock the certification quiz.
  • The quiz includes 10 questions about the course material.
  • You must achieve an 80% to pass.
  • You can take the quiz multiple times.
  • Review the quiz results to view question explanations.


How can I showcase my certification?

You can obtain a Certification URL after passing the associated quiz to either print or share online:

To add your certification(s) to your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Click Add profile section > Accomplishments > Certifications.
  2. Enter the certification details.
    • Certification Name: Examples may include, PowerUp Certification | Customer Engagement Certification (Social) | Customer Experience Certification (Surveys) | Online Presence Certification (Listings) | Online Reputation Certification (Core)
    • Certification Authority: Reputation.com
    • Certification URL: Paste the URL you received after completing your assessment.
  3. Click Save.

Your certifications are listed in the Accomplishments section: