Duplicate a Campaign


Duplicate an existing campaign to use as a starting point.

A social campaign is a time-bound set of posts that relates to a specific business goal. Social content creators can duplicate an existing campaign in a single click. Save time by not having to re-select locations or recreate posts. Choose whether to copy the existing campaign’s locations and/or posts.

To duplicate a campaign:

  1. From the Social Suite tab, click Campaigns.
  2. Click into the desired campaign.
  3. Click the ellipsis (…) and click Duplicate Campaign.
  4. By default, the following will be copied into the new campaign: Campaign Name, Date Range, Description, Color, Locations, and Posts. Update campaign information and choose to not copy the Location and/or Posts if desired.
  5. Click Create. Your new campaign will appear in the campaign calendar.

Locations will be added into the new campaign using their default location enrollment preference. This means that locations may need to re-enroll in the campaign if they are not set to Automated enrollment.