Display Average Reputation Score

Reports, Score

Change Reputation Score calculation method to average score for a given time range.

Rep Score is calculated/changed daily, because of this the default behavior it is showing the the most recent score of a given time range (the last day of the range). In the past there was no easy way to get an average score of a given time range. Now the calculation method can be changed by clicking on the settings gear icon, and checking the Average Score Option.

In order to display the average:

  1. Navigate to menu item “Dashboards”.
  2. Select the widget “Reputation Score Overview” in an existing dashboard or add the widget from the dashboard module “Reputation Score”.
  3. If you edit an existing dashboard that create a new dashboard, select the widget “Reputation Score Overview” from the dashboard module “Reputation Score”.
  4. On the widget select the gear icon.
  5. Check the box for “Use Average Reputation Score”.
  6. “Apply” your selection.